15-09-2020 Poove Poochudava-Zee Tamil tv Serial

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16-09-2020 Pove Poochuda Vaa Zee Tamil TV Pove Poochuda Vaa 16.09.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Poove _Poochudava 16/09/2020 Zee Tamil TV Serial 16th September 2020
Watch Poove Poochudava Zee tv serials 16.09.20 | Zee tv serial Poove_Poochudava 16/09/20 Latest Today Episode Online
Poove Poochudava 16-09-2020 Zee Tamil tv Serial | Zee Tamil Tv Poove Poochudava 16th September 2020
Directed By :G. Manikandakumar
Produced By :Shruthi Narayanan, Ayisha Abdulla
Written By :Pungaraja. Mithra
Cast :Dinesh, Reshma, Uma Padmanabhan, Yuvarani, Krithika, Madhan Pandian, Shamily Sukumar

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Zee Tamil tv Serials, Poove Poochudava
Zee Tamil tv Serial Pove Pochudava 16th September 2020

Is the story of Shakthi (Reshma) Hard-working Girl is from a lower middle class family and the daughter of a bus conductor and Her mother (Uma Padmanabhan) runs a catering business and she is second one amongst four sisters. She is the smartest child among the four sisters with high self-respect.
Shiva (Dinesh G) is from rich family and business man. Shiva, being brought up by his aunt after losing his mother in an accident, respects the only women in the form of her aunt (Yuvarani). Shiva is least bothered about others feelings except for his aunt and his brother (Madhan Pandian).
Shiva’s brother falls in love with Shakand it so happens that both Shakthi and Shiva gets married for the happiness of their siblings despite of their hatred towards each other. The series is about how Shakthi and Shiva manage to keep the marriage for the happiness of their respective families.

Category: Poove Poochudava, Tamil TV Serials, Zee Tamil tv Serial,

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